4chan’s /co/ board’s “how’s your webcomic doing?” thread is having a little competition: three pages based on the randomly selected theme of “post-apocalyptic cartoon animals”.


This is our submission, “Metal Animals”, and it takes place in the multiverse next door to the main Capeworld multiverse. The three pages will be posted on the 14th, 18th, and 21st and will be accompanied by a text story about the “Metal Animals” world being observed by Capeworld’s multiverse monitors the Warpcore. The story will provide information on Warpcore, multiverse B, and the people and culture of the “Metal Animals” world (known by its official designation as world B-7-O).


If you’ve been paying attention to Eyes of Dawn the specific warper assigned to monitor the “Metal Animals” world may seem familiar…


Capeworld is mostly a superhero project, but I’ve always liked how superhero universes have little corners that go against the grain and take after other genres. Jonah Hex inhabits a western corner, Man-Thing inhabits a horror corner, Adam Strange a pulp sci-fi corner.

This is a one of Capeworld’s corners and it takes after the…post-apocalyptic cartoon animal genre.

Think Mad Max plus Escaflowne plus Kamandi. After a global plague war forced humanity to introduce different DNA into their genome or die civilization has started to rebuild itself from the ruins. Predators fight and rule. Prey build and obey.

Life is hard on Earth B-7-O. And though the knights that pilot massive metal animals in jousts on cracked asphalt roads in the shadow of palaces that were once CEO office buildings do so with cheers and praise from the common folk they to have a hard life.

As one child is about to learn first hand.