Happy Friday everyone!

I got fresh hot updates!

First we’re exited to announce that M.O.T.H: Martin Oliver, Treasure Hunter, will be hosted at Capeworld as well as on Obscrum Ex Astrum’s tumblr.

In a world of secrets and oddities Martin Oliver, Treasure Hunter is attracted to the shadow history of the world like a moth to light.

A preview of the upcoming comic is this week’s “cover” story.

We also have a text story by Otto and Duke Pome,a revival of the public domain Charleton Character Nature Boy. http://www.capeworldcomics.com/comic/nature-boy-1/

Reborn. Remade. David Crandell now finds himself unwillingly part of a magical world that exists in the shadow of the world of man, a world where the unnatural is natural.

And finally we have Apache-Senpai’s rough draft of an idea born from a /co/ collaboration thread, an idea for a urban team of superheroines that protect their neighborhood from itself: The Watch! http://www.capeworldcomics.com/comic/the-watch/


1. When’s Princes of Dawn updating?

Next month, Planet Crunch felt he needed to take some time off to improve his art.

2. Where is Stardust?

The first 22 page issue is scripted and the 8 page preview will be inked and colored and posted by the end of the month.

3. Where the hell is your podcast you keep talking about?

Mitch wants to make sure our first episode is really good and is leery about releasing the “test drive’ episodes. We made an hour and a half recording yesterday and this evening we’re going to try and redo it to make it better.