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Capeworld comics is primarily a superhero anthology series in the tradition of Astro City and Top 10 that takes place within its own shared universe, although it occasionally branches off into other genres as superhero comics tend to do.


Current stories include:

OUR LADY OF THE SHADOWS: Comic story showing the secret history of golden age superheroine Sandra Knight-senator’s daughter, bored socialite, and secretly Phantom Lady! Her story starts on the battlefields of World War 2 and extends to a dark, distant future. But whatever the time and whatever the fight Phantom lady will always be a spirit of freedom, a fearless adventurer, and our lady of the shadows.

MAGICAL WOMAN/SHIKA IN CROATOAN: “Magical Woman” is a short comic introducing the illustrious Alice Kijutsu-Empress of Crotoan, breaker of the unbreakable Black Crystal, diplomat to Earth, Ipsissimus of the Circled Square, founding member of the Tokyo Guardians, and teacher of the taiyo shojo. Haru Kiba, princess of the Lost Wolves of Makai, seeks out the Empress to become her student in the mystic arts. But instead of an empress she finds an old woman tending a garden. Can this truly be the Empress of Croatoan? Next in the accompanying text story “Shika in Croatoan” a young taiyo shojo named Shika becomes the first in her family to take lessons in the mystic arts personally from the Empress of Croatoan. But as Shika travels to her lesson across the land of Croatoan and recounts its history and the history of its Empress she wonders if a simple girl from Japan can ever hope to measure up to beings born and raised in magic.

EYES OF DAWN: Illustrated text story about superhuman children enrolled in the United State’s oldest superhero organization’s newest educational program on a field trip to the Smithsonian’s Hall of Superheros with two very special substitute teachers: a paranormal investigator with the body of a moth-owl and woman with a poltergeist bound to her soul.

PRINCES OF DAWN: Comic story about the world’s first superhumans. In prehistoric times before knowledge of science or superpowers what does a man do when he suddenly finds he can crush rocks with his hands or change his body into anything he imagines? Will man sink into primal savagery or evolve into something greater than he was?

THE DAREDEVIL: Illustrated text story reimagining the public domain superhero Dardevil as a mystic champion who walks two worlds with his heart in neither. Features other reimagined public domain superheros such as Thor and Airboy and artwork from the golden age of comic books.

METAL ANIMALS: Comic story about a world in a multiverse parallel to Capeworld’s own and monitored by the Capeworld organization Warpcore. In world B-7-O a global plague war has forced the survivors to splice animal DNA into the human genome. Now in this world of beastpeople predators fight and rule and prey build and obey. B-7-O’s appellation “Metal Animals World” comes from the enormous “guardian giants” piloted by predator knights that joust on ancient asphalt roads in the shadow of sagging skyscrapers.